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The digital world spins at 3,000 rpms, spawning opportunities that are transforming industries, economies and society. Marketers from every segment contend with these challenges, and with the demands for an increasingly seamless relationship between online and offline realities.

Marketers face the challenge of understanding how digital technologies are converging and impacting the traditional and non-traditional marketing and media landscape, and discovering the opportunities this represents. MITX was launched in 1996 to help meet that challenge, to help marketers understand "What's Next," and to educate on how to best take advantage of those opportunities.

MITX today is the premier Internet business and marketing association in New England, and we're dedicated to creating opportunities for businesses and individuals to connect, grow, and thrive. We do that through extensive programming designed to explore leading edge trends, networking opportunities for professionals to meet and exchange ideas, initiatives to cultivate the next generation of leaders in our young talent, and advancing the industry through well-publicized awards shows, research, and government relations.

With 250 member companies representing over 7,500 professionals, MITX is a dynamic and growing community of thought leaders, collaborators, and individuals in search of insight, education and opportunity.

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"The people! MITX is an organization made up of people, both in its leadership and its members, who are truly passionate about the startup environment. That's fostered a spirit of true collaboration here in Boston. People keep writing about how we need to do more in Boston to nurture the talented entrepreneurs with roots here. It's organizations like MITX that are really helping to do just that." - Raj Dandage, co-founder, Appguppy

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