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JitterJam is social marketing software helping businesses capture relevant conversations on the real-time web and turn them into lasting and trusted customer relationships. It's a web application combining social media, email and mobile marketing with an intelligent contact database. Businesses realize measurable returns on their social engagement by having a complete social marketing and customer development system. JitterJam steps through the process of social marketing:

- Discovery: Find relevant conversations on the real-time web and collect and save information on the people who are talking

- Engagement: Make people aware of your business, product or brand and provide them with the opportunity to engage directly with you

- Development: Develop the social profiles of your contacts through automated and interaction-based processes

- Growth: Enable each individual to set the rules of engagement and opt-in to your messages, and by following those rules, cultivate a bond of trust between you and your customer

- Monetization: Execute marketing campaigns with the right messages to the right people; measure the effectiveness of those campaigns by message, by channel and by individual

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