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MITX Up provides marketing help to start-ups.

Think: "meet ups" where the creative economy meets innovation economy.

Think: "hackathon" but solving marketing problems.
MITX works with local accelerator programs to identify the most cutting-edge and innovative start-up companies that range from energy tech, high tech, life sciences, social impact, fashion, to youth/college media. We connect these startups to our amazing network of MITX marketing experts through "marketing hackathons."

What is a "marketing hackathon"?
At marketing hackathons, teams of marketers are matched with start-ups in a two hour session where they are tasked with providing real time strategic and tactical marketing/communications/biz dev-related ideas that can help increase the chances of success for these entrepreneurs. We know that great marketing and communications provided early in their business life cycle can improve their odds of attracting the best customers, employees and investors.
It is the first (and still only) program of its type in the country.
What's in it for you?
As a marketing expert in these sessions, you will help top-notch entrepreneurs and start-ups in ways your "day job" may never allow. Plus, you will build new business relationships by doing hands-on work with a team of the top professionals in our local marketing industry.
Who should be a member of MITX Up?
Based on feedback from previous events, we have found that seasoned specialists/experts (e.g., PR/communication experts, creatives, search marketing specialists) and/or mid-to-high-level generalists are able to both give (and get) the most out of a marketing hackathon. Mindset also is critical.
If you are innovation focused, passionate about connecting with entrepreneurs, and willing to roll up sleeves and truly provide tangible results for start-ups then you will love being part of MITX Up.

Read about MITX Up on our blog! MITX Up Marketing Hackathons Gives Startups A Great Boost

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