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Get to know a MITX member! We're featuring FORGE Worldwide.

1. In a nutshell, what is your company all about?

Ultimately, we're about connecting people to brands in a meaningful - and hopefully valuable - way. This video overview explains it in 1 minutes and 37 seconds.

2. How was your company founded and what inspired its creation?

Almost a decade ago two men were working together for some other guy's agency. They got to talking and said things like, "What if we worked together at our own agency?" "What if we ran things our way, let great ideas rule, and created an culture where individuals thrive as a team?" "What should we have for lunch?" The answers were "It would be fantastic" "That would be an awesome agency", and "Mexican". Meet Harry and Rob.

3. What makes your company different than other companies in your marketspace?

We just rolled out a new product for our clients called Forge Accelerator. Essentially it's an intensive, hyper-focused campaign development process built to deliver what we believe many clients are looking for in an agency partner today - high quality, results-oriented, end-to-end campaigns developed by senior strategists and creatives - quickly. Some clients just don't have time for exhausting agency timelines and committee-based decision-making. And they need an approach that helps them streamline the process on their end as well. Accelerator delivers that.

4. What has been your company's greatest accomplishment in 2014?

Normally we'd answer this kind of question with stats about sales growth or market share, but in April our clients Spaulding Rehabilitation Network had over 100 of their employees run the Boston Marathon, raising more than $700,000 for their hospitals and rehabilitation clinics. These good people trained and pushed and accomplished greatness in the name of helping others. We don't have a better story than that this year.

5. What the heck is a Bedrock Truth??

Every brand has a single, elemental truth about it that is the real reason any consumer will care about it. Why any consumer values it. It is also a truth in what the brand values in itself. We find that truth and craft messages around it. Those messages connect with people on a human level that traditional marketing-speak never could. It's also a registered trademark, so don't even think about it.

6. What is the biggest challenge you face in the marketplace today?

Attracting top talent to Forge as we continue to grow has been and will continue to be a challenge. Having a bar helps.

7. Why are you a MITX member?

To learn stuff and to meet people. Oh yeah, and John Michael Higgins. We ♥ that guy.

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