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  • Wed, July 25, 2018
    8:30am - 5:00pm
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We are living through a fundamental transformation in the way the marketing, technology and innovation sectors work and operate. Advances in automation and machine learning have and will continue to replace human tasks, shifting the skillsets of employees organizations need to succeed. This along with changes in globalization and demographics, expectations are radically changing who, where, when, and how work is done. But, what will the future look like and how do you prepare your workforce for it now?
Join MITX on July 25, 2018 to help you kick-start your thinking and meet the challenges head on.
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The 2025 Workplace: Anticipating Trends Driving the Future Workplace
Kevin Mulcahy, Author & Host, Future Workplace Network
In times of accelerated change, organizations must proactively prepare for the future workforce and workplace.  In this session, Mulcahy will outline the key trends that organizations are responding to as they create workplaces that are both engaging and beneficial.  He will address the underlying shifts in worker expectations, the transformative impact of technology for employee productivity, recruiting and learning and the changing composition of the workforce.  He will also highlight how to surface outdated workplace assumptions to help future-proof workplace strategies.
People Analytics: Analyzing Findings to Drive Change and Help People & Organizations Thrive
During this session you’ll hear from innovative leaders dedicated to understanding the analytics behind thriving organizations and the people that make them great. This panel will tackle a number of questions including: How do organizations utilize this data and adapt to the changing needs, skills and mindset of its people? What roll can this data really play in accurately forecasting the future of work? When does human instinct trump data-driven approaches to managing people? Moving beyond analytics to help hire and retain employees, we’ll dive into what energy and productivity audits really look like.
Hackable Workplaces: How Design & Spatial Technology Increase Employee Engagement
What will the next generation of office space look like?  Advances in technology and organizations employing global workforces will have a dramatic impact on the way workers inhabit workspaces…which may not be an office space at all.  So, how can we “hack” these existing spaces to better meet the needs of future workers and increase their productivity and cross-functional engagement? Join this panel of experts as they dive into how adapting to the changing workplace environment is key to supporting diverse ways of working.
It’s Not Telecommuting, It’s Globe Hopping: Effectively Managing in the “Gig Economy”
There has been rapid global change and uncertainty within the workforce ecosystem. To deal with this ongoing complex evolution you will need to start managing outside your four walls. Added technology and the individualistic approach has also drastically changed the role of management as teams grow more dispersed. How do you manage and lead in this new global market from a productivity and “gig economy” standpoint?


Kevin Mulcahy

Author & Host / Future Workplace Network



101 Seaport Blvd
Boston, MA
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