FutureX Discover: Synthetic Media

Fort Point Room

  • 290 Congress Street
    Boston, MA 02210
  • Tue, June 11, 2019
    6:00PM - 8:00PM


FutureX Discover: Synthetic Media

There is a new media type emerging at the intersection of computer-generated images, video, and voice.
Synthetic media is impacting our work and our society.
According to Betaworks, synthetic media is algorithmically produced or modified media (such as the nefarious “deepfakes”). These algorithmically created versions of text, images, and videos are becoming indistinguishable to human observation and pose major implications for the media and marketing world.
From monetizing synthetic celebrities, to chatbots with personalities, these synthetic characters are guiding us to re-think identity by putting our likeness into GIFs and create entirely new types of online avatars. In response to these phenomena, technology is being developed to fight corrupt uses of this new tech and help us verify what’s real and what’s not.
Matt Hartman, Partner at Betaworks Ventures, will join us on June 11th to dive into the emerging synthetic media world and help us understand its complexity. Come prepared for talk more about the repercussions and opportunities this tech poses for the media world as well as how it will impact the future of media, marketing, and our society.


About the Speaker
Matt Hartman is a partner at Betaworks Ventures. Betaworks invests in companies that change the way we communicate, such as Giphy, Anchor, Gimlet Media, Bitly, Medium, GroupMe, Venmo, Twitter, Kickstarter and Tumblr.  Prior to joining betaworks, Matt built ReferBoost (licensed to Apartments.com), and was at Hot Potato (acquired by Facebook). He began his career building the technology platform for Trammell Crow Company (acquired by CBRE) and is the inventor of Patent #8189781 related to the protection of digital images. Find Matt’s writing and contact information at http://hrt.mn

Matt Hartman

Partner / Betaworks Ventures



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