InfluenceHER: Space to Dream

Morgan Lewis

  • 1 Federal St
    Boston, MA 02110
  • Wed, February 12, 2020
    6:00PM - 8:00PM

Are you…

…an adventure seeker who likes to push boundaries and experiences FOMO in your own life wondering what other things you could be exploring?

…someone who likes to have a plan but are feeling like your current one is closing in on you and the road beyond the next year is unclear?

…an achiever and noticing things have been steady eddy, and wondering where the next peak might be


This session is for you, all of you!

In this energizing session we will reignite your dormant thoughts and dreams, expose clarity about your path, guide you to frame your blueprint, and leave with immediate actions that will help you to focus your energy today. You’ll walk away feeling grounded, free to access your own intuition, and ready to thrive in a way you didn’t think possible.



Liz Eskenazi

Founder, Principal Consultant & Executive Coach / Mind the Core LLC


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