MITX eCommerce Summit


  • 4 Copley Pl
    Boston, MA 02116
  • Tue, February 6, 2018
    8:30a - 5:00p

Join us at the 2018 eCommerce Summit!

Is the concept of omnichannel obsolete and if so, what are the impacts for the various components of a retailors operation and strategy? Is a recalibration needed?
Clearly, customers are engaging in more channels as part of their shopping journeys and retailers must respond accordingly to succeed. But in trying to be everywhere, many brands have ended up being nowhere when it comes to compelling offers. So, how do you invest in eCommerce and digital marketing with focus and prioritization?
Join leading industry experts who will tackle a variety of key topic areas and strategic approaches to creating a unified commerce on February 6 in Boston!


8:30 AM – 9:00 AM
Registration, Coffee & Networking 
8:45 AM – 9:00 AM
Opening Remarks 
Amy Quigley, President, MITX
9:00 AM – 9:45 AM 
Keynote: It’s a Really Bad Time to be Boring: Re-Inventing Retail in the Age of Amazon

Steven Dennis, President, SageBerry Consulting & Forbes Contributor (formerly Neiman Marcus)
Physical retail is not dead, but boring retail is. And the future of retail will not be evenly distributed, but what does this mean for your brand. This session will challenge conventional wisdom, highlight the most important factors facing retail today, explain why trying to out-Amazon Amazon won’t work and present a 7 step framework to remarkable retail.
9:45 AM – 10:30 AM 
Changing the Digital Path to Purchase: Integrating Advanced Tools and Technologies
Rob Garf
, VP of Industry Strategy & Insights, Commerce Cloud, Salesforce, Ed Macri, Chief Product & Marketing Officer, Wayfair, Ryan Scott, VP, Digital Operations & Innovation, Keurig & Dan Smith, GM, ASICS Digital and CEO, Runkeeper
eCommerce companies need to take a modern commerce approach to respond in real-time and create a smoother, more personalized digital interaction with their customer. In order to stay relevant and offer customers the dynamic experience they are looking for, organizations are integrating advanced tools, technologies and strategies like AR powered technology, mobile and geolocation, real-time bidding, and more. Join this panel of industry leaders as they dive into the ways they are enhancing and changing the digital path to purchase.
10:30 AM – 11:00 AM
Achieving Digital Maturity: Adapting Your Company to a Changing World
Gerald (Jerry) Kane
, Professor, Boston College & Guest Editor, Digital Business, MIT-Sloan Management Review
Based on the 2017 global survey of more than 3,500 managers and executives and 15 interviews with executives and thought leaders, MIT Sloan Management Review’s third annual study of digital business reveals five key practices of companies that are developing into more mature digital organizations. Their approaches, offer valuable lessons including, implementing systemic changes in how they organize and develop workforces, spur workplace innovation, and cultivate digitally minded cultures and experiences. Join Professor Kane as he provides insight into how even the most digitally savvy organizations need to adapt to achieve success.
11:00 AM – 11:15 AM
Networking Break 
11:15 AM – 11:45 AM 
Influencer Marketing: Is it a Scalable Channel?
Julian Chu
, Operating Partner, Digital Marketing & eCommerce, Castanea Partners, Lori Erlich, Director of Activation Marketing, First Aid Beauty,  Ali Karsch, Owner, LVPR, Janet Comenos, CEO, Spotted & Amanda Reiss, CMO, Saucony
Social media influencers have exploded in number and reach, and pay-to-play has become the norm. How should brand marketers and ecommerce executives approach their influencer marketing efforts to ensure success? Should you pay influencers, and if so, when and how? How do strategies vary by industry and type of influencer? How can you leverage them to enhance other marketing programs? How can you demonstrate ROI and tie influencer activity to revenue? Our panel of experienced practitioners will discuss the most pressing questions facing marketers today and how they are navigating these largely uncharted waters.
11:45 AM – 12:15 PM 
Fireside Chat: Supercharge Your Strategy with 1:1 Personalization
Asim Shaikh
, Sr. Manager Global eCommerce, Web Optimization & Personalization, Lenovo & Logan Goulett, Customer Success Director, Evergage
The new generation of buyers expects an easy and instant path to purchase, regardless of where or how they shop. It takes less than 2 seconds for a consumer to identify if a communication is relevant to them. The drive for retailors to create instant interest is pushing organizations towards personalization utilizing machine learning and advanced analytics. Join Asim Shaikh, Senior Manager of Global eCommerce, Web Optimization & Personalization, and learn how he leverages personalization to drive a highly profitable and relevant experience for visitors to
12:15 PM – 1:00 PM
Networking Lunch
1:00 PM – 1:30 PM
A Journey of Disruption: Learning to Think Outside the Box
Jackson Jeyanayagam, CMO, Boxed
Chipotle changed the way people think about fast food. Boxed is changing the way consumers – especially younger ones – think about “club” shopping. In both instances, Marketing and customer experience play[ed] significant roles in educating consumers and telling the respective brand’s story in a compelling way. Jackson will discuss how both brands approached this disruption; the pitfalls and challenges they face; and how they will/continue to evolve to maintain relevancy among a fickle and savvy consumer.
1:30 PM – 2:15 PM 
Amplifying the Intersect of the Physical & Digital: Connecting Online Intent & Offline Purchases

Andy Freedman, Founding Partner, Merkatus Partners, Trynka Shineman, CEO, Vistaprint,  Matt Taylor, CEO, Tracksmith, Oisin Hanrahan, CEO, Handy &  Geoff Dodge, Chief Growth Officer, PebblePost
Many digitally born businesses are taking the plunge into physical retail as they tap into the rise of the experience economy. But these new physical shopping experiences are anything but cookie cutter. Online retailers are looking at everything from pop-up shops to concept stores and mobile boutiques to immersive environments. The future of retail sits at the intersection of ecommerce and updated brick and mortar experience.  Find your sweet spot with insights from companies paving the way.
2:15 PM – 2:45 PM
Making it Happen: The Nuts & Bolts of Unified Commerce
Peter Howard, Managing Director / Partner, Accenture & Nina Lynch, Senior Manager, Digital Strategy, Accenture
Customers (both consumer and business) want to interact with brands on their own terms. Serving customers through multiple channels is now table-stakes. Integrating and unifying those channels is the new standard of excellent customer experience. We will explore evolving customer expectations, and solution architectures to deliver on that unified channel experience.
2:45 PM – 3:00 PM
Networking Break 
3:00 PM – 3: 30 PM 
Understanding & Empowering Shopper Behavior in an Omnichannel World
Devora Rogers
, VP Account Management, Murphy Research
Meeting shopper’s needs today is like playing at a game of multidimensional chess. Where should you be? When? What should you say? Where? To Who? How? But there are a five key questions retailers and brands can explore to best understand and empower shoppers. The answers to these questions can guide critical choices in an omnichannel world. In this presentation, you’ll learn how shoppers go from undecided to decided, identify new paths to purchase, and uncover what really influences shoppers – whether at brick and mortar or in an ecommerce environment.
3:30 PM – 4:00 PM 
AI in eCommerce: What Does it Actually do for a Retailer or Brand?
Jason Goldberg
, SVP Commerce & Content Practice, SapientRazorfish & Co-Host, The Jason & Scot Show
With good reason, Artificial Intelligence is a game changing capability that is almost certain to drive a new era of business disruption and transformation. Artificial intelligence doesn’t just allow us to do the same thing faster. It lets us do more, which we’re certainly going to need as we all struggle to meet the expectations of the digitally-enabled consumers. Join The Jason & Scot Show co-host Jason Goldberg as he dives into how you can unlock the power of AI in eCommerce, understand its pros and cons, and scale it appropriately for your business and your customers.
4:00 PM – 5:00 PM
Networking Reception



Julian Chu

Operating Partner, Digital Marketing & eCommerce / Castanea Partners 

Janet Comenos

CEO / Spotted

Steven Dennis

President & Founder / SageBerry Consulting (formerly with Neiman Marcus)

Geoff Dodge

Chief Growth Officer / PebblePost

Lori Erlich

Director of Activation Marketing / First Aid Beauty

Andy Freedman

Founding Partner / Merkatus Partners

Rob Garf

Vice President of Industry Strategy and Insights, Commerce Cloud / Salesforce

Jason Goldberg

SVP Commerce & Content Practice, SapientRazorfish and Co-Host / The Jason & Scot Show

Logan Goulett

Customer Success Director / Evergage

Oisin Hanrahan

CEO / Handy

Peter Howard

Managing Director / Partner / Accenture

Jackson Jeyanayagam

CMO / Boxed

Ali Karsch

Owner / LVPR

Gerald (Jerry) Kane

Professor & Guest Editor / Boston College & MIT-Sloan Management Review

Nina Lynch

Senior Manager, Digital Strategy / Accenture

Ed Macri

Chief Product & Marketing Officer / Wayfair

Amanda Reiss

CMO / Saucony

Devora Rogers

VP Account Management / Murphy Research

Rob Schmults

SVP of eCommerce & CRM / Talbots

Ryan Scott

VP, Digital Operations & Innovation / Keurig

Asim Shaikh

Sr. Manager Global eCommerce, Web Optimization & Personalization / Lenovo

Trynka Shineman

CEO / Vistaprint

Dan Smith

GM, ASCIS Digital & CEO / Runkeeper

Matt Taylor

CEO / Tracksmith


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