Influence(her): Training Your Mind to Think on Its Feet

Google Cambridge

  • 355 Main Street
    Cambridge, MA
  • Thu, September 7, 2017
    6:00p - 8:00p

Influence(Her): Training Your Mind to Think on its Feet

Communication and collaboration between teams in the workplace is extremely important.  However, some women (and men alike) tend to withhold ideas or not speak their mind in group meetings for fear of rejection or lack of confidence in their idea.  But, “no idea is a bad idea” when it comes to propelling a company forward; every idea just helps you get to the right one faster.  So, how can you learn to think faster and feel confident to share your ideas and build off your team?
This Influence(her) event involved hands-on interactive exercises, demonstrations and discussions designed to teach the tools and techniques of improv to help you communicate and listen more effectively, build off the ideas of others, work as a cohesive team and, of course, think fast on your feet!
The ImprovAsylum demonstrated how all of this relates to teamwork, communication skills and innovation – with the goal of providing concrete skills to reach better solutions and to achieve more effective results. Not only was the event extremely innovative and effective but also a ton of fun!


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