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MITX Up 08/22/2012
Event Type: MITX Event
Dates: 08/22/2012
Times: 06:00pm - 08:30pm


MassChallenge - One Marina Park Drive Fl 14, Boston MA


MITX Up is a marketing mentorship program that matches pre-screened startups to marketing and communications mentors to help entrepreneurs be successful in telling their story, marketing their business and generally, “shouting louder and prouder.” 

What is MITX Up?

MITX works with local accelerator programs to identify the most cutting-edge and innovative start-up companies, ranging in focuses from energy tech to high tech, life sciences to social impact and fashion to youth/college media. We connect these startups to our amazing network of MITX marketing experts through "marketing hackathons."

At these marketing hackathons, teams of marketers are matched with start-ups in two hour sessions, where the marketers are tasked with providing real time strategic and tactical marketing/communications/biz dev-related ideas that address specific areas of need identified by the entrepreneurs. 

To learn more about MITX Up, read this, this and this.


Our third MITX Up session with MassChallenge's new start-ups will be on August 22nd. We will also be running three other MITX Up hacks during the summer for MassChallenge on the following dates:

- July 25
- August 7
- September 19

MITX members, do you want to join our team of marketing mentors for all, or any, of these sessions? To get involved as a mentor, please complete this short form, indicating your marketing expertise so we can match your skills to the areas of need identified by the start-ups. One of our fantastic MITX Up project managers will then be in touch with information about your assigned start-up and the agenda and details for the evening.

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