MITX Influence(her)

What is Influence(her)?

Influence(her) is a diverse community of professional women defining the next generation workplace.
Powered by MITX, we are leading the conversation, igniting confidence and rousing a force.
Each quarter Influence (her) has unique interactions and programming meant to support
women shaping the next generation workplace.
WORKSHOPS: Experiences with your peers produce great outcomes! Influence(her)
Workshops bring together facilitators to led us through interactive conversations
including: “Designing Your Life: Applying Design Thinking to Challenges,” “Fearless
Public Speaking: Connecting to the Audience,” and others.
MENTORSHIP: Each year the Influence(her) mentorship roundtable brings together
women from diverse backgrounds and experiences to lead the group through
“OFF THE RECORD”: This series invites women of different experience levels to share
the peaks and valleys of their professional experiences. Speakers often share raw
moments and ask the ladies in the audience to keep it “off the record.”
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Past & Future Speakers

Jessica DeVlieger

President / C Space

Kristin Francisco

Partner - Assurance / PwC

Dulcie Madden

Co-Founder & CEO / Rest Devices


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